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Make Me Not Single Program

Get the guidance you need to make a strong connection!

  • This program shows you the perfect, exact dates and times for you to start a new relationship!
  • I’ll also show you how to pick out the singles who are ready and excited to connect with you!
  • On top of that you’ll get my unique dating strategies to time your dating efforts to your best advantage.
  • I’m even going to share the secret to intuitively spot time-wasters. And save yourself for people at your spiritual and emotional level.

Want a sneak-peak?

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If you are looking for a unique and innovative astrology system to help you with love, timing and deep insights Astrowingwoman is for you! Amber is so knowledgeable, and personable. A really valuable system that has been accurate for me!

Jett K.

I have received several readings from Amber over the years and she is such a gifted astrologer! Her style of interpreting the various transits, planets and houses is unique and accessible. She was a wonderful guide when my partner and I received readings from her. Her versatility in reading the charts helped us to better understand our connection to each other through the stars.

Jennifer C.

Amber’s work is accurate and speaks the truth about my marital relationship.  What is especially helpful is her prediction for the future.  Her predictive timeline shows me when making changes will be most in alignment and have the most power behind them.


Amber went over my chart while single and I was told it’s promising to find a new partner in the coming months before 2022 ends… then boom! I unexpectedly met my new partner a few months later where I least expected. [We] hadn’t seen each other for some time, but when we saw each other there was something so comforting and magnetic. I’m in the happiest relationship I’ve ever been in with someone that is so loving, fun, and authentic.

Make Me Not Single
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